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ASB Energy Services is a family owned company head-quartered in Amarillo, Texas. It is Turn-Key Civil Construction and Construction Management Company.

Within a span of 11 years, ASB Energy Services has grown to become a turnkey, self-performing supplier of Energy Construction Services to meet the demands of a“niche” market. In addition to its initial service offerings, the company added services in the wind farm / solar farm sectors and Gas and Oil sectors to provide below grade construction services.  This includes below grade collection systems, road construction, pad construction, excavation services, pipeline construction, directional boring, hydrovac services and construction management services.

Construction in the energy industry requires technical acumen, clarity and focus unparalleled to general construction project standards. Tolerances are small and deviations from engineering requirements are not permitted, thus true expertise is essential. Because of the liability and exposure risks involved, most construction companies are not eligible to participate in project build-outs.

ASB Energy Services has proven it’s financial and construction processes to its customers without fault. Through an unwavering commitment to provide exceptional construction services delivered on time, within budget while exceeding customer expectations, ASB has positioned itself as one of the leading energy construction service providers in the Southwest United States.

ASB employees and management are the “face” of the company. Each team member, by their signed commitment in the employee handbook and daily activities, helps facilitate the core values by which ASB Energy Services is defined. This mindset and attitude are what promote the essence of ASB in its efforts to provide superior products and services to its customers. By understanding the needs of our customers and putting those above our own, ASB can participate as a genuine partner acting on the best interest of its client while maintaining its commitment to safety, quality, performance and honesty. Early on, ASB recognized that success is built on a solid business foundation and sustained through a commitment to excellence with streamlined processes and procedures in a culture of continuous improvement.

ASB continues to attract and retain top talent in an industry where technical expertise and exceptional performance are crucial in maintaining a sustainable advantage over the competition, while never losing focus on the needs of our customers in our pursuit to achieve success in a competitive global economy.

Today, ASB Energy Services continues to be a self-performing, turnkey construction services provider in the energy and utility industries. This distinction allows the company to penetrate markets that other companies in the industry cannot and gain a significant client base.

ASB Energy Services continues to build on our momentum with solid relationships with our existing clients, a constant pipeline of new projects, strong business systems in place, and a well-trained team committed to excellence. ASB will continue to grow and almost certainly distinguish the company as one of the premier suppliers of construction services in the energy sector.


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